About Us

SpiceRich Seasonings Pvt Ltd. is the flagship company of “Akay Natural Ingredients Private Limited. We bring you an exclusive array of seasoning products to satisfy your taste and health needs that you were longing for. It brings you an exciting variety of flavours of authentic Indian spices. Being a unique blend of aromatic spices, spice extracts and flavouring agents, SpiceRich adds fascinating flavours to a variety of dishes depending on individual taste preferences.



Scientific Innovations

Ethical Outlook

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Corporate Social Responsibility

SpiceRich being a company under responsible management is committed to providing the products that provide society with better health, reduced pollution, and wastage of resources. All the research and development activities of the company have an inborn urge to provide something for the betterment of society. The company is working at the grass-root level with the farmers of developing countries, employing contract farming to produce and supply hazard-free raw materials to the global food industry.